The unintentional comedic genius that is Craigslist

I buy and sell a good chunk of the gadgets that accumulate in my tiny condo’s closet on Toronto’s Craigslist page, which opens me up to receiving a lot of pretty strange e-mail. Most recently I sold two HP 1030CA netbooks for $200 each. I also threw in about $50 worth of additional accessories and advertised it as something along the lines of “an extra $50 of stuff for free”.

This e-mail makes me laugh every time I read it. I hear it in my head as the whining, sing-song voice of somebody jonesing for a hit of… hell, I don’t know. Something. I do admire his belief that appealing to my humanity will work in making me drop the price (and keep a bunch of accessories for something I no longer own) just for him.

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