Jeremy Clarkson on Quentin Tarantino (and paying attention to detail)

This gave me a whole new appreciation for Kill Bill and Tarantino.

Special effects

I suppose I should say at this point that I’m a Tarantino fan. And the reason I’m a Tarantino fan is that he pays attention to everything; what people say, how they look, and why they’re doing what they’re doing. Watch Kill Bill 2 and look at the sofa in Bill’s hacienda toward the end. It’s perfect.

Then there are the cars. Bill drives a De Tomaso Mangusta. (Italian for Mongoose. The only animal feared by a Cobra.) He would. It’s the only car he could have driven: American, and yet not.

Daryl Hannah uses a Trans Am with an eagle on the bonnet. Whereas Uma Thurman, who has two eyes, has a Karmann Ghia. You just know that His Quentin-ness spent hours, maybe even days, agonising over these tiny details, but it’s precisely that which makes (most of) his films so much more watchable than the when-in-doubt-blow-it-up blockbusters.

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