Play Adobe Flash videos in fullscreen while you work on your second monitor

While watching 2K Games’s live broadcast at PAX I finally got fed up with Adobe Flash’s habit of closing the full screen viewer whenever you click elsewhere and make it lose focus.

I eventually found Axel Gembe’s IgnoFlash Patch, which Flash Netscape and ActiveX plugins to keep them in fullscreen until you specifically terminate that viewing mode (by double-clicking in the window or pressing the Esc key).

The solution works for my Windows Vista machine and Windows XP laptop, both running Flash 10 inside Chrome.

One small tip: “Apply” the patch for each of the “Source file” selections listed by the IgnoFlash program. Don’t change anything else – just go through the list sequentially and “Apply” to each. Do this with all of your web browser windows closed. The patches should take effect immediately.

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