The best fixed-width programming font for Windows OSes: Inconsolata

As I round into the last year of a solid decade of being a professional software developer, I’m becoming more and more aware of how important it is to make your working environment as comfortable as possible. This extends beyond your keyboard, mouse and chair into the realm of software: Is your development environment making you log more keystrokes and mouse movements than needed? Are you taking it easy on your eyes by providing a high-contrast interface with a decent font size?

That last question, spurred mostly by my transition to a MacBook Pro as my development machine, had me settle on Menlo. Back on my Windows machines at home, after sifting through a number of options mentioned here by Jeff Atwood I decided on Inconsolata. Tracking down a TrueType (TTF) version took a few more minutes but eventually led to success – I’ve mirrored the file I found locally here for others to download – enjoy.

Inconsolata TrueType (TTF) Font

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