Get a list of files added, removed and modified in Git between two branches

It’s sometimes useful to know exactly what files you’ve made changes to in your feature branch as you’re getting ready to merge back into your trunk code. Git’s diff option allows for this to be done quick easily:

git diff --name-status master..newfeature

The output looks like the following:

M       .gitmodules
A       plugins/backplane.php
A       plugins/multiple-post-thumbnails
M       themes/sportsnet/css/scss/_inc-controls.scss
M       themes/sportsnet/functions.php
M       themes/sportsnet/header.php
M       themes/sportsnet/single-sn-article.php
M       themes/sportsnet/single-sn-blog-entry.php
M       themes/sportsnet/single-sn-signing.php
M       themes/sportsnet/single-sn-trade.php
A       themes/sportsnet/zones/articles-comment-form.php
A       themes/sportsnet/zones/global/user-account-links.php

Reference: Stack Overflow – Showing which files have changed between git branches

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