In 2015, the Canadian Football League looked to revamp its league and team websites, moving from a proprietary CMS and vendor to an open-source solution based on Drupal or WordPress. A new WordPress multi-site instance was set up on Amazon AWS, and with a team of 3 developers, website development was completed in a 45-day initial release:

  • Develop a parent WordPress theme containing a home page, article (post) and video template, and generic page template
  • Create child WordPress themes that, using SASS variables, swap in team logos and colours in all the appropriate places
  • Develop a WordPress plug-in that automatically retrieves data from the CFL API to make the Schedule Page, Standings Page, Stats Page and Player Profile templates available and kept up-to-date
  • Implement a website backend that allows for managing data for a CFL Draft, player profiles, custom landing pages and other league-specific features

After the initial MVP was launched in November 2015, a full-time staff of 3 web developers were hired on in the league office in Toronto, Canada and continued to deploy new site features incrementally in weekly development sprints.