Getting Aptana Studio 3 to ignore extremely large folders in your project

I’m in the midst of a website conversion to WordPress, and the resulting import of images to the uploads/ folder is somewhere north of 8 GB. My IDE, Aptana Studio 3, tries to scan the folder every time I refresh the project or do code completion. I was on the verge of ditching Aptana altogether when I hit upon the answer:

  1. Move the large folder you wish to have Aptana ignore out of your project and replace it with an empty folder.
  2. Refresh the project to ensure the empty folder appears in the project.
  3. Right-click on the empty folder and select Properties, and then Resource.
  4. Under Attributes, check Derived.
  5. Copy the contents of the folder back into place – Aptana should ignore it and keep UI responsiveness quick.



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